Notes on the Meteoritical Bulletin Database

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  • MetBase 7.2 for Microsoft Windows is an electronic information system holding a large compilation of meteorite data. MetBase provides information on scientific studies and analyses done on specific meteorites and references the corresponding publications. Basic information including classifications and analysis data is stored in tables and can be retrieved for over 29,830 known meteorites. MetBase also contains information on more than 69,000 meteorite specimens in over 700 collections worldwide. With about 79,000 references, MetBase also holds a large keyword-indexed bibliography on meteoritics and related subjects, including lunar rocks, impact cratering, tektites, meteors, asteroids, cosmochemistry and solar system origin, micrometeorites and IDPs, exobiology, and martian geology. For more information, write to [email protected]. A comet symbol in this column indicates that a meteorite is listed in MetBase.
  • The Catalogue of Meteorites, together with the Meteoritical Bulletin, is the primary source for information on meteorites. The N symbol in this column gives a link to the online version of the Catalogue for all included meteorites.
  • The Japanese Collection of Antarctic Meteorites is documented in a database maintained by the National Institute of Polar Research. The NIPR symbol in this column is a link to the entry for the meteorite in the NIPR catalog