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List of Strewnfield Members

Searching for strewnfield members of Agen
This meteorite fell in 1814
4 strewnfield members found.
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Meteorite [mass name] Synonyn Mass Latitude Longitude Class Finder Found Description Main mass loc Type spec mass Type spec loc Approved Ref
Agen [1] 9 kg 44°25'38"N 0°29'54"E Le Gascou   2020-01-02 Pierre-Marie Pelé
Agen [2] 9 kg 44°25'13"N 0°29'26"E Le Bretou   2020-01-02 Pierre-Marie Pelé
Agen [3] 3.87 kg 44°25'37"N 0°29'37"E Latrenne   2020-01-02 Pierre-Marie Pelé
Agen [4] 531 g 44°22'39"N 0°31'36"E Le Temple-sur-Lot   2020-01-02 Pierre-Marie Pelé