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List of Strewnfield Members

Searching for strewnfield members of Draveil
This meteorite fell in 2011
7 strewnfield members found.
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Meteorite [mass name] Synonyn Mass Latitude Longitude Class Finder Found Description Main mass loc Type spec mass Type spec loc Approved Ref
Draveil [a] 5.2 kg 48°40'37"N 2°21'19"E 2011-07-13 Grande rue - Savigny-sur-Orge. Heard to fall by postman.   2020-01-04 Pierre-Marie Pelé
Draveil [b] 87 g 48°40'50"N 2°24'22"E 2011-07-13 95, rue Danton - Draveil. Went through the windshield of a car. The owner of the car heard when the windshield was hit and found a stone in the car.   2020-01-04 Pierre-Marie Pelé
Draveil [c] 206 g 48°41'11"N 2°25'43"E 2011-07-18 rue des Oiseaux - Draveil   2020-01-04 Pierre-Marie Pelé
Draveil [d] 115 g 48°41'22"N 2°24'50"E 2011-09-01 avenue Louise Michel - Draveil. Find date approximate.   2020-01-04 Pierre-Marie Pelé
Draveil [e] 33 g 48°42'22"N 2°27'2"E 2011-10-15 Lycée Rosa Parks - Montgeron. Find date approximate.   2020-01-04 Pierre-Marie Pelé
Draveil [f] 2 kg 48°40'2"N 2°24'8"E 2011-09-22 Site de la Compagnie Industrielle Maritime - Grigny. Location approximate.   2020-01-04 Pierre-Marie Pelé
Draveil [g]   Adress unknown (Draveil ?). The meteorite ("a black stone") was reportedly found in a planter by a woman, and thrown in the trash as she didn’t know it was a meteorite.   2020-01-04 Pierre-Marie Pelé