Bounce off the Moon!

To thank those locations who hosted InOMN events in 2015, the InOMN coordinating committee, in partnership with OPTICKS and CosmoQuest, bounced a map of all 554 registered events off the Moon! The Moonbounce took place during a live Google Hangout On-Air hosted by CosmoQuest on Tuesday, 27 October 2015. A recording of the event can be viewed here.

In addition to the events map, photographs from InOMN events around the world were selected in a random drawing. These images were drawn from the InOMN Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. A family photo left on the Moon by Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke and a photo of the Moon taken from the International Space Station were also included in the Moonbounce. These 12 images, and what they looked like after being bounced off the Moon, are displayed below.

Did you host a 2015 InOMN event? Download a Moonbounce certificate for your institution! This certificate is customizable; add your institution's name before printing!


2015 InOMN Event Map

2015 InOMN Event Map

by the InOMN Community

#moonnight shot from the #ISS

Taken by Astronaut Clayton Anderson onboard the ISS.

Posted on Twitter by Astronaut Clayton C. Anderson
onboard the International Space Station

Moon Sept 19 2015

David Abbout, Virginia

by David Abbou
Stafford, Virginia, USA

Galileo Science Centre

Galileo Science Centre, India

by iomnindiagsc15
Madurai, Tamilnadu, India

Moon Night at Seagrave Memorial Observatory

Seagrave Memorial Observatory, North Scituate, Rhode Island, USA

by Jim Hendrickson
North Scituate, Rhode Island, USA

Riverside Astronomical Society Event

Riverside Astronomical Society, Corona, California, USA

by Jose Castro
Corona, California, USA

InOMN from Oman

Muscat, Oman

by Malik Dohani
Muscat, Oman


InOMN from Oradea, Romania

by Valentina Matei
Oradea, Romania

Moon Art

Moon Art, Maria Linares Freire, London, England

by Maria Linares Freire
London, England

#scienceoutreach on this year’s #moonnight

Outreach at UCLA, Raquel Nuno

by Raquel Nuno
University of California - Los Angeles, California, USA

Duke Family Photo

Astronaut Charlie Duke Family Photo

Photo of Apollo 16 Astronaut Charlie Duke
left on the Moon at the Apollo 16 site

Duke Family Photo (2)

Astronaut Charlie Duke & Family (2)

Photo of Apollo 16 Astronaut Charlie Duke
left on the Moon at the Apollo 16 site