Contact Your Local Astronomical Society
An astronomy club could:

  • provide a speaker to give a talk at your event
  • bring amateur astronomers to your event, hopefully toting their telescopes
  • provide knowledgeable individuals on-site to answer questions from participants

Links to help you find local astronomy clubs:

Speakers Bureau
The Speakers Bureau is a compilation of engineers, scientists, and other professionals who speak to audiences around the country. This is a possible resource if you would like a professional speaker to come talk to your InOMN audience.

NASA Solar System Ambassadors
Solar System Ambassadors are space enthusiasts who volunteer to organize or attend community events where they talk about recent discoveries and upcoming milestones in space science, and future NASA missions. For 2015, there are 633 Ambassadors in 50 states, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and Guam bringing the excitement of space to the public. Ambassadors are space enthusiasts from various walks of life who are interested in providing greater service and inspiration to the community at large.

In addition to astronomy clubs, the Speakers Bureau, and the Solar System Ambassadors, remember that local colleges and universities, particularly those with astronomy or planetary geology programs, may also have individuals who could talk to your participants about the Moon, or help with your event in other ways.