OPAG Committee Openings

The Outer Planets Assessment Group (OPAG) Steering Committee (SC) is excited to announce several upcoming openings on the OPAG Steering Committee.

We invite the community to review the current Steering Committee membership and the membership guidelines at this link.

Of the current members, Terry Hurford, Scott Edgington and Linda Spilker will be rolling off from the committee after the November 2023 OPAG meeting. We invite the OPAG community to join the rest of the Steering Committee in thanking them for their service to the community.

We welcome applications from candidates who are interested in supporting OPAG’s strategic mission ( Goals;  Whitepaper), and who have a desire to support the community, as well as those who fill any topic area gaps that will be opened by the departure of these members. Through the search process, we will strive to ensure representation across multiple axes to foster an interdisciplinary, diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible community.

We intend to accept applications November 30, 2023, through January 30, 2024; selected new members should plan to start their service in time for the OPAG Spring 2024 meeting (the exact timing of which is to be confirmed).

All interested candidates, at any career stage, are encouraged to apply. People who submitted applications during the last selection cycle are encouraged to re-submit. Applications include a one-page letter addressing the applicant’s interest in the OPAG SC and how the applicant feels they will contribute based on their expertise and experience, and a two-page NASA proposal-style CV. In your letter, please discuss your leadership, project and organizational experiences, and your past or current involvement in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, and Accessibility (EDIA) activities. Applicants may voluntarily self-identify by providing demographic information in their letter.

Please send your nominations, with the letter of interest and CV together in a single PDF file, to: [email protected]) For the file name, please use the format Lastname-FirstName-OPAG_CV and Lastname-FirstName-OPAG_Letter.

Inquiries about the OPAG Steering Committee membership should be directed to the OPAG committee [email protected] or Amanda Hendrix [email protected].