Europa Mission Concepts

In the last two decadal surveys a Europa mission has been ranked very high on the flagship list.  Accordingly, a number of Europa mission concepts have been studied over the years.  This variety of studies is documented here, ordered from most recent to oldest.

2012 Europa Study Report

Europa Mission Study Presentations from March 2012 OPAG Meeting

Europa Mission Study Presentations from October 2011 OPAG Meeting

Europa Jupiter System Mission (EJSM)
Exploring the emergence of habitable worlds around gas giants
November 15, 2010

Europa mission concept - T.V. Johnson LPSC abstract

ESA/NASA Europa Study (Dec. 2006 report)

Washington Post article (April 2, 2006)

Report from Europa Focus Group of NASA Astrobiology Institute (March 28, 2006)

T.V. Johnson presentation to March, 2006 LPSC

Statements of Europa as science priority