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February 2015 OPAG Meeting


Thursday, February 19
Welcome, Meeting objectives – Candy Hansen
NASA HQ update – Jim Green
Science talk 1 – Musings on outer planet exploration - Jeff Cuzzi
Europa Clipper update – Barry Goldstein, Bob Pappalardo
Europa plumes search update – L. Roth (dial-in)

Science talk 2 – There’s only one Rosetta stone in the Solar System: it’s in the British Museum - Toby Owen

New Horizons report – Jeff Moore

First Light from Nix and Hydra (.gif) (.mov )

Pluto-Charon Dead Ahead: All Ahead Full (.gif) (.mov)

R&A SSW Update – Mary Voytek
EXCEED Participating Scientists – Pontus Brandt
Science talk 3 – From Powell to Pluto:  Planetary Exploration in Perspective - Torrence Johnson
Friday, February 20
JUICE update – Dima Titov
Juno report – Scott Bolton
Science talk 4 – Organics and Life - Chris McKay
RPS study results – Ralph McNutt
DOE and RPS’s – Alice Caponiti
Io Volcano Observer (IVO) concept for Discovery 2015 – Alfred McEwen
Low-cost Sample Return from an Icy World: Enceladus’ Plume - Peter Tsou
Enceladus Life Finder: A Discovery Mission to the Outer Solar System – Jonathan Lunine 
Kuiper:  A Discovery-class Observatory for Giant Planets, Satellites, and Outer Solar System Small Bodies – Jim Bell
Science talk 5 – Exploring outer exoplanetary systems - Scott Gaudi           

Open mic

Planetary Ring Systems Book - Matt Tiscareno
Planetary Aeolian Laboratory - David Williams



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