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January 2014 OPAG Meeting


Monday, January 13

Welcome, meeting objectives, logistics
Candy Hansen

Remarks from NASA Chief Scientist
Ellen Stofan

Status of PSD, budget, R&A restructuring
Jim Green

Outer planet updates, incl. ICEE
Curt Niebur

Power to the outer solar system

OPAG responses to AO RFI RPS related
Kevin Baines

RPS/ASRG review report
Ralph McNutt

Zero Baseline Review, ASRG termination, power to the outer planets trades
Jim Green

OPAG responses to AO RFI (non-RPS)
Kevin Baines

NASA responses to AO RFI submissions
Michael New and Curt Niebur

Europa plume discovery
Lorenz Roth

Europa study report update
Barry Goldstein, Bob Pappalardo, Brian Cooke


Cassini Report, EOM and plans for Senior Review
Linda Spilker


Plans for Senior Review
Bill Knopf

Outer planet science possibilities with BRISSON
Karl Hibbits

JWST Status Update, and 'Beyond JWST' Study Announcement
Heidi Hammel

HST committee request

Titan workshop announcement

Tuesday, January 14

Reconvene, OPAG items
Candy Hansen

Planetary Science Summer School
Neptune mission study

Kyle Uckert

JUICE report
Dmitri Titov

JUICE PI's reports

Randy Gladstone

Jeff Plaut

Pontus Brandt

Scott Bolton

Io Workshop / EXCEED
Julie Rathbun

Technology updates

Propulsion systems for the outer solar system
Dave Anderson

STMD updates
Pat Beauchamp

Overview and Status of the SLS
Steve Creech


Planetary Science Summer School
Uranus mission study
Ingrid Daubar

Update on the Uranus Entry Study
Parul Agrawal, ARC

Ground Test Facility Capabilities for Outer Planet Entry Missions
Helen Hwang, ARC

TPS for Saturn and Uranus
Ethiraj Venkatapathy

Formation of OPAG subcommittee to brainstorm ground-based data and modeling possibilities
Mark Hofstadter

Future Uranus workshop
Amy Simon

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