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March 2009 OPAG Meeting


March 9–10, 2009

Planetary Science Divison Update
James L. Green

Outer Planets Flagship Mission
Curt Niebur

Planetary Science Decadal Survey 2009–2011
David H. Smith

DS Discussion and OP Strategy
Bill Mckinnon

Proposed Cassini XXM Mission
Bob Pappalardo and Linda Spilker

Usability of Cassini data: a mid-term assessment
Claudia Alexander

Galilean Satellite Globes Update
David A. Williams

Solar Uranus Mission
Mark Hofstadter

Report on the Europa Lander Workshop
Kevin Hand

Interim Design Review (IDR)
Mike Kaplan

Io Volcano Observer (IVO)
Alfred McEwen

ESA Outer Planet Plans in 2009–2010
Christian Erd

Proposed Interim Science Plan
Ron Greeley


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