OPAG Meeting
February 9–11, 2021

General Information

The next Outer Planets Assessment Group (OPAG) meeting will be delivered virtually on February 9–11, 2021. The focus of this meeting will be on aspects of the Decadal Survey that are relevant to OPAG. Status reports will be requested from the Decadal Survey co-chairs and panel chairs. The meeting agenda will be posted at a later date.

Invited presenters are required to upload a presentation file two weeks prior to the start of the meeting, using the USRA meeting portal. Detailed instructions will be forthcoming.


If you plan to attend the virtual meeting, submit the Meeting Registration Form before February 4, 2021.

Registered attendees will receive an e-mail prior to the meeting from Houston Meeting Info with virtual connection information.


For further information regarding the scientific content:

Jeff Moore
E-mail: jeff.moore.mail@gmail.com

Linda Spillker
E-mail: linda.j.spilker@jpl.nasa.gov

For further information regarding registration and virtual delivery:

Debbie Mitchell
Meeting and Publication Services
USRA/Lunar and Planetary Institute
Phone: 281-486-2106
E-mail: dmitchell@hou.usra.edu