Meetings of Interest

Astrobiology Science Conference (ABSCICON) 2015: Habitable Worlds in Our Solar System
June 15–19
The overall theme for AbSciCon2015 is "Habitability, Habitable Worlds, and Life." More information, including how to register and submit abstracts, may be found at the following URL:

The AbSciCon abstract deadline is March 4. Additional details and a list of other session topics, are available at the AbSciCon website.

Session: Titan's Organic Chemistry And Insights Into Habitability A session entitled "Titan's Organic Chemistry and Insights Into Habitability" is being organized by Conor Nixon, Morgan Cable and Martin Cordiner at this year's Astrobiology Science Conference, to be held in Chicago, Illinois, on June 15–19, 2015. The session will combine recent results from observational, theoretical and laboratory studies of Titan's organic chemistry, with an emphasis on topics relating to the formation and evolution of molecules relevant to the chemistry of life. We invite submissions from all researchers working on Titan's

Session: The Habitability of Icy Worlds
This session will be a follow-on to the workshop by the same name, held in Pasadena in February 2014. The primary objective is similar and will focus on the astrobiological potential of icy worlds in the outer solar system — including Europa, Ganymede, Enceladus, Titan, and beyond — with discussion on future research directions and spacecraft missions that can best assess that potential given the unique planetary environments of the outer solar system. Comparative planetology presentations are encouraged as well as research involving terrestrial analogs. Topics covered include (but are not necessarily limited to) water and exotic solvents, chemical energy for life, organics and their detection, ocean physics and chemistry, icy world activity and habitability over time, and continuing and future outer solar system exploration.

Workshop on the Potential for Finding Life in a Europa Plume
February 18, 2015

Workshop on the Study of the Ice Giant Planets
July 28–30, 2014
Laurel, MD.

Planetary Rings Workshop
August 13–15, 2014
Boulder, CO.