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September 2017 OPAG Meeting


Stand Alone Motor Controller - Gary Bolotin, Don Hunter, John Waters, Malcolm Lias
CSDMC – Cold Survivable Distributed Motor Controller - Gary Bolotin, Don Hunter, Chris Stell, Malcolm Lias, Doug Sheldon, Amanda Bowling
Radio Science and Astronomy via the Universal Space Transponder - Michael Pugh, Andrew Romero-Wolf, Curtis Jin, Yonggyu Gim, Xueyang Duan, Bruce Bills, Edgar Satorius, Shantanu Naidu, and William Kurth - 2-minute oral summary
Life Detection for Ocean Worlds through Supercritical CO2 Extraction and Chiral Supercritical Fluid Chromatography - Bryana Henderson, Fang Zhong, Victor Abrahamsson, Ying Lin, Isik Kanik
Mission Analysis for a Potential Next-Generation Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator - Young H. Lee, Brian Bairstow - 2-minute oral summary
Progress in Manufacturing and Characterizing Comestic Lyocell based PICA and Comparison to Heritage PICA - Mairead Stackpoole,  Steven Violett, Ethiraj Venkatapathy - 2-minute oral summary
Integrated Sampling System (ISS) for Ocean Worlds - Kris Zacny, Ralph Lorenz - 2-minute oral summary
Watson: A Wireline Ultraviolet Raman and Fluorescence Spectrometer for Subsurface Organic Detection in Northern Ice Sheets - R. Bhartia, E. Eshelman, G. Wanger, M. Willis, B. Carrier, W.,  Abbey, M., Malaska, L. W. Beegle, L. DeFlores, J. Priscu, A. L. Lane, B. Mellerowicz, D. Kim, G.Paulsen, and K. Zacny - 2-minute oral summary
Microscopic Imaging Systems For Underwater & Extreme Environments - Andrew Mullen, Paul Roberts, Tali Treibitz, Ben Laxton, Eric Orenstein, Jules Jaffe - 2-minute oral summary
Simulating Spatial Variations of Lithospheric Folding on Enceladus - Jonathan Kay, Andrew Dombard - 2-minute oral summary
Multi-wavelength Holographic Microscopy for Life Detection Missions - Chris Lindensmith J. Kent Wallace, Eric Zhong, Kurt Liewer, Stephanie Rider, Eugene Serabyn, Jay Nadeau - 2-minute oral summary
USGS Global Geologic Map of Europa - E. Leonard, D.A. Patthoff, D.A. Senske, G.C. Collins
Geologic Units, Linear Features, and Preliminary Stratigraphy of the Geologic Map of Europa - D.A. Patthoff, E. Leonard, D.A. Senske, G.C. Collins
Conceptual Mission Design to Gas Giant Planets Using Nuclear Fusion Propulsion - Saroj Kumar, Jason Cassibry - 2-minute oral summary
Fingerprinting Non-Terran Biosignatures: Chemometrics and Complexity Patterns for Agnostic Life Detection on Ocean Worlds - Heather Graham,  Paul Mahaffy, Sarah Stewart Johnson, Eric Anslyn, Andrew Ellington - 2- minute oral summary