Upcoming Meetings

The next OPAG Meeting will be held August 20–21, 2019, Boulder, CO. The day prior, August 19, will be the Ocean World Access Working Group Workshop. The meeting will be held at the University of Colorado's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP), Space Science Building, Room W120 (SPSC) on East Campus, 3665 Discovery Drive, Boulder, Colorado, 80303. Directions to SPSC can be found at http://lasp.colorado.edu/home/about/address-directions/spsc/.

Webex Link: https://nasaenterprise.webex.com/nasaenterprise/j.php?MTID=mad22fe1fab5639e02d9ef5c74356b234
Meeting number: 901 243 086
Meeting password: nressHD19!
Audio connection/Dial In: 1-888-877-0391; PW: 7100733

Logistics and Registration
Draft Agenda

"Posters: (44" width x 36" height) 
Lightning session to advertise posters (Tues 5:30 PM, 1 minute per poster) 
Poster session (Tues evening 5:45-6:45 PM ) 
Please send poster requests to: morgan.l.cable@jpl.nasa.govand include (1) title and (2) authors. No abstract needed. Also, prepare a single Powerpoint slide to advertise poster, presented in a 1-minute lightning session immediately before the poster session.”
Science Nuggets (Wed 11:45 AM) Please send Nuggets to Scott Edgington (JPL) scott.g.edgington@jpl.nasa.gov with the subject line “OPAG Nugget:” in Powerpoint format (PDF is not preferred). He will also have a data stick to use on-site.

The Outer Planets Assessment Group (OPAG) will be devoting the bulk of its August meeting to discussions and preparation for the next Decadal Survey. Community members are encouraged to attend and add their voice to this diverse discussion. During the meeting we will arrange panel discussions on various topics. Please contact Carrie Chavez (​c​c​h​a​v​e​z​@​s​e​t​i​.​o​r​g) by August 15 if you would like to lead one of these panel discussions. By the end of the meeting we expect to produce a list of three key recommendations to develop and eventually deliver to the Decadal Survey committee for consideration.

OPAG Subsurface Needs for Ocean Worlds Meeting #1

Accessing into and through the ice shells of ocean worlds will both enable compelling science, including the search for evidence of past and present life, and require dedicated technology programs to realize.  OPAG invites members of the astrobiology, planetary science, ocean science and technology communities to join together in a community-based forum aimed at defining the path to the ocean(s).

The first Subsurface Needs for Ocean Worlds meeting will be held 9am-5pm August 19, 2019, immediately prior to the fall OPAG meeting in Boulder, CO.  This 1-day workshop is designed to be an open forum to discuss technology needs, common science drivers, and mission architectures for Ocean Worlds exploration.  The agenda will include a mixture of short presentations, break out groups, and lighting talks on technology and science. 

SNOW meeting #1 will seek to develop plans for Decadal Survey white paper(s) and define action items and agenda for the next meeting (prior to the winter/spring OPAG meeting).

Early career scientists are encouraged to participate.  For those who receive support for the OPAG meeting, costs to extend the trip to attend SNOW can also be supported.

To register for the meeting, please follow the link below:

For any questions, please email Britney Schmidt (britneys@eas.gatech.edu) and/or Kate Craft (kate.craft@jhuapl.edu)

Early Career Participant Support Available for NASA Outer Planets Assessment Group (OPAG) Meeting and Subglacial Needs for Ocean Worlds (SNOW) Meeting, Aug 19-21

NASA’s Outer Planets Assessment Group will provide travel grants for a limited number of interested Early Career participants to attend the OPAG meeting August 20–21 in Boulder, CO.  OPAG plays a key role in sculpting the planetary science community’s input into NASA activities for outer planets science and exploration.  Thus it is critical for Early Career scientists to attend these meetings both to learn how NASA and Planetary Science programs operate and to represent the community that will work on OPAG-relevant projects in the coming decade. In addition to the OPAG meeting, Early Career travel awardees can also choose to participate in the OPAG Subsurface Needs for Ocean Worlds Meeting (SNOW) to be held on August 19 prior to OPAG.  Selected individuals will present a poster at the meeting on a topic of their choosing.  Interested graduate students, postdocs, and other Early Career scientists (within 5 years of PhD/MS/BS) should submit a one-page letter of interest and a CV to morgan.l.cable@jpl.nasa.gov (cc: carrie.l.chavez@nasa.gov) by August 1, 2019.  Recipients will be notified by August 5, and will receive support for hotel and transportation costs.  For more information, email Morgan Cable at the address above.

Receive support for hotel and transportation costs.  For more information, email Morgan Cable at the address above.
The OPAG Meeting Following the August 2019 Meeting will be February 3-4, 2020, at LPI, Houston, TX.