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August 2016 OPAG Meeting

Request for Planetary Science Concepts for CubeSats/SmallSats

As Mike Seablom discussed during the August OPAG meeting, the NASA Space Mission Directorate, SMD, and STMD are surveying mission concepts for small satellites. If you have planetary science concepts that you could provide, that would greatly help him respond to OMB and OSTP (which could be good for us!). The concepts could include daughter-craft, swarms, formations, or stand-alone SmallSats/CubeSats.

For the survey, we want ideas at a fairly high level that are shared with the community and therefore should not be proprietary. These concepts do not have to be at the detailed level, so it is not in conflict with the SmallSat solicitation call that just came out, which will not be shared publicly.

To submit a concept, please use the format in the PowerPoint file provided. After completion, send the file to Patricia Beauchamp at [email protected] no later than September 30, 2016. She will collect all the material and forward it to Mike.