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September OPAG Meeting


September 16, 2010

Outer Planets Program Update
Curt Niebur, NASA Headquarters

PSS Report
William McKinnon, Washington University

PSD "SR&T" Study
Ron Greeley, Arizona State University

EJSM Joint SDT Report
Ron Greeley, Arizona State Universty

EJSM AO Overview
Curt Niebur, NASA Headquarters

EJSM AO Steps 1 & 2
Curt Niebur, NASA Headquarters

JEO Project Interactions
Bill Mateer, JPL

PSD Technology Review
Tibor Kremic, NASA GRC

September 17, 2010

Science Team Structure
Curt Niebur, NASA Headquarters

PSD Update
Jim Green, NASA Headquarters

Draft AO Policies and Plans
Curt Niebur, NASA Headquarters

Planetary Protection
Cassie Conley, NASA Headquarters

Juno Update
Fran Bagenal, UC Boulder

NAI Icy satellites Environments Focus Group
Pat Beauchamp (JPL)

Astro 2010
William McKinnon, Washington University

Japanís Decadal Survey
Robert Pappalardo, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

NASA Balloon Opportunities
Eliot Young, Southwest Research Institute

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