Planetary Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting

March 1-2, 2021
Virtual Meeting

Meeting link:
Meeting number: 199 538 6929
Password: PAC_March2021

For audio, when you join the WebEx event, you may use your computer or provide your phone number to receive a call back. Otherwise, call the U.S. toll conference number: 1–415–527–5035 and enter the access code 199 538 6929.

Monday, March 1
10:25 Welcome/around the table Stephen Rinehart
10:30 Planetary Science Division (PSD) update Lori Glaze
11:30 Exploration Science Strategy and Integration Office (ESSIO) Update Joel Kearns
12:00 Astrobiology update Mary Voytek
12:30 BREAK (east cost/mid-west lunch)
13:30 Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO) update Lindley Johnson/Kelly Fast
14:00 Mars Exploration Program/Mars Sample Return update Eric Ianson, Jeffrey Gramling, Michael Meyer
15:00 Decadal Survey Update David Smith
15:30 BREAK (west coast lunch)
16:30 Discussion time PAC members
17:30 Adjourn for the day


Tuesday, March 2
10:30 R&A Update Stephen Rinehart
11:30 Anti-Racism/Inclusion Diversity Equity and Accessibility Working Group Report Meagan Thompson
12:15 Discussion time
13:00 BREAK (east cost/mid-west lunch)
14:00 Analysis/Assessment Group Reports/discussion
14.00: MExAG
14.12: VExAG
14.24: LEAG
14.36: SBAG
14.48: MEPAG
15.00: OPAG
15.12: MAPSIT
15.36: ExoPAG
15.48: Additional Q&A
16:00 BREAK (west coast lunch)
17:00 Discussion and findings
18:00 Adjourn