Planetary Resources and Content Heroes (ReaCH)

Planetary Resources and Content Heroes (ReaCH)

2024 Culturally Inclusive Planetary Engagement Workshops

Planetary scientists and astrobiologists (including graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, engineers and technicians) are invited to apply to attend a Culturally Inclusive Planetary Engagement professional development workshop. These workshops enhance the ability of the planetary science and astrobiology community to engage Black and Latinx youth and their families (see workshop objectives and outcomes below). During the three-day workshops, participants engage with local informal (out-of-school time) educators to discuss and model effective strategies for engaging Black and Latinx communities in planetary science. In addition, participants conduct hands-on activities and co-create a public engagement in collaboration with a local youth-serving organization. The event takes place on the third day of the workshop and allows participants the opportunity to practice engagement strategies discussed in the workshop.

Workshop Topics

  • Valuing identity and exploring biases
  • Building relationships and authentic partnerships
  • Nurturing authentic (engagement) approaches
  • Planning and conducting public engagement activities

The workshop focus is on scientists wishing to be more intentional and authentic when engaging Black and/or Latinx youth and their families within settings outside of the classroom. The voices of local informal educators are elevated during the workshop as they share their deep experience and expertise working within Black and/or Latinx communities.

Stipends are available for participants able to accept them.

May 16 – 18, 2024

San Antonio Public Library
San Antonio, TX

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August 20 – 22, 2024

Boulder, CO

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Workshop Objectives and Outcomes

Come prepared to share your expertise, self-reflect, and learn and grow together.

Learn evidence-based strategies for engaging Black and Latinx audiences

  • Deepened understanding of the effect of an individual’s identity and bias on engagement practices
  • Deepened understanding of the features of equity-oriented, authentic partnerships
  • Deepened understanding of how to recognize and elevate audience assets

Practice planetary science engagement through a culturally inclusive lens

  • Expanded network of planetary scientists and informal educators
  • Increased confidence in co-designing culturally inclusive, planetary science engagement
  • Increased confidence in implementing culturally inclusive, planetary science engagement

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