Latest Discovery/New Frontiers Newsletter Now Online

The May 2013 issue of the Discovery and New Frontiers News is on the Discovery Program website.

In this issue:

  • What caused the uneven gravity on the Moon, a mystery since it was first detected in 1968?  GRAIL just found the answer!
  • OSIRIS-REx passed a key milestone and all systems are go for final design and development of the spacecraft. How will this mission will grab samples from an asteroid for return to Earth?
  • What are some of the surprising new findings being revealed by scientists on the Dawn and MESSENGER missions about their favorite destinations – giant asteroid Vesta and planet #1, Mercury?
  • Juno is flying by Earth this fall. Why is this the preferred path on its way to Jupiter?

Read about all this and more! Thanks for your interest.


Written & edited by:

Shari Asplund
NASA Discovery & New Frontiers Programs
Public Engagement Manager
Jet Propulsion Laboratory