Job Opportunity: NASA Goddard Research Scientist

Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland

Job Title: Research Space Scientist, AST, Planetary Studies
Department:National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Agency:Goddard Space Flight Center
Job Announcement Number:GS13D0019

The Science & Exploration Directorate, Solar Systems Exploration Division, Planetary Systems Lab (Code 693) is seeking a scientist to provide expertise in spectroscopic study of small solar system bodies and planetary atmospheres.

Research includes, but is not limited to, investigations with the following objectives: Spectroscopic characterization of small bodies (e.g. asteroids, comets) and planetary atmospheres (e.g., Mars) utilizing high-resolution infrared spectroscopy to investigate volatile and surface properties; development ofย  radiative transfer models at non-equilibrium conditions (non-LTE and LTE) to interpret high-resolution spectroscopic data of small bodies and planetary atmospheres, including exoplanets; development of quantum-mechanical models of polyatomic molecules of astrobiological interest (e.g., CH4, H2O, CH3OH, etc.) for the purpose of constructing line lists for non-LTE models; and development of three-dimensional dynamical models of planetary atmospheres (GCM) to investigate transport and mixing of trace species observable via high-resolution spectroscopy.

Applications must be received by June 28, 2013. Refer to the application website for more information.