45th Annual DPS Meeting (Joint with HAD): Call for Papers

The AAS Division for Planetary Sciences will meet jointly with the AAS Historical Astronomy Division in Denver CO, 6-11 October 2013

Regular abstract deadline is: July 18 9:00pm EDT.  For more details see:

Only one abstract is permitted per first author, except for education abstracts, invited talks, and Historical Astronomy Division abstracts. The ability to submit education abstracts will be added shortly.

New PhDs, and students completing their dissertations, may request a 15-minute timeslot to present PhD results: see the abstract form for details.

The Science Program will feature a wide range of invited plenary
talks including the following subjects and speakers:
– Voyager and the heliopause (Ed Stone, Caltech);
– The Chelyabinsk event (Mark Boslough, Sandia National Laboratories);
– The Kuiper Belt after 20 years (Hilke Schlichting, MIT);
– M-dwarf planets (Phillip Muirhead, Boston University);
– Seasonal change on Titan (Caitlin Griffith, University of Arizona);
– End-of-the world scares (David Morrison, NASA Lunar Science
Institute, joint with the AAS Historical Astronomy Division)
– MSL’s first year on Mars (Sushil Atreya, University of Michigan)

We also expect plenary talks by the Urey and Kuiper prize winners.

Other events will include: a public talk by the Sagan medalist; a reading of Dave Sobel’s play about Copernicus, “And the Sun Stood Still”, by a local professional theater company; a display of astronomical art, and an art gallery night, organized by the International Association of Astronomical Artists; a professional/amateur astronomer workshop; and a banquet at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

The AAS Historical Astronomy Division will meet in conjunction with the DPS meeting. See:


HAD abstracts may be submitted via the DPS abstract page.