GSA 2013 Outer Solar System Satellite Companion Sessions

We call to your attention two companion planetary science sessions at the annual Geological Society of America meeting held Oct 27-30 in Denver, CO focusing on studies related to the outer solar system satellites.

T9: “Outer Satellite Exploration: The Next 50 Years”. This session will discuss current paradigms and unanswered fundamental questions about outer planet satellites that will be important considerations in future outer solar system exploration, and mission and instrument concepts that address them.

T12: “Voyager to New Horizons: Exploring Surface and Interior Processes of Icy Worlds”. This session will highlight surface and tectonic processes, interiors, and the thermal evolution of icy satellites, KBOs, and planetary analogs. We encourage experimental and theoretical modeling studies, as well as observational approaches to address current scientific objectives.

Additional information about the GSA meeting can be found at:

To submit an abstract to either session please visit (Submission Deadline August 6
th, 11:59pm PST):

Questions about session T9 should be directed to David Williams ([email protected]), and for session T12 should be directed to Emily Martin ([email protected]).