With the flurry of activity surrounding the Europa Clipper mission and promising support from congress and the public, we invite you to participate in an exciting Europa session at AGU. We seek to raise the level of discussion about Europa, encourage new hypotheses and to integrate geology, geophysics and astrobiology to motivate new Europa science and get the community excited about future exploration of this exciting moon.

P005. Destination: Europa
Europa is one of the most compelling bodies in the search for life. Given growing support for a new Europa mission such as Europa Clipper, this session will present perspectives from a wide range of geological, geophysical and ultimately astrobiological backgrounds that are forward-looking to what questions the next Europa mission could answer. We invite presentations that present cross-cutting themes related to the physical nature of Europa and its habitability. We encourage presenters to utilize new or existing data, compelling terrestrial analogs, and theoretical models to advance new hypotheses or revisit and refresh the state-of-the-art in Europa science, and address how these ideas relate to future Europa exploration.

Abstract Submission
Abstracts due Aug. 6.

For more information: Or contact: [email protected]

Britney Schmidt
Alyssa Rhoden
Cynthia Phillips
Paul Hayne