International Cometary Workshop: New Date

Comets as Tracers of Solar System Formation and Evolution
New Date: April 1-3, 2014, Toulouse, France

We are pleased to announce a workshop on the role of comets in understanding the formation and evolution of the Solar System. This meeting will take place in a three-day science program comprised of themed sessions, and featuring a mixture of invited reviews, invited and contributed talks and posters.

The workshop will cover topics ranging from the dynamical and chemical evolution of the solar nebula during formation, to the techniques for measuring the composition of comets. Invited speakers include some of the community leaders in cometary science, measurements and technology development. We will discuss the role that Rosetta measurements will play in understanding the origin of Solar System bodies, and what future missions to comets are being planned. Abstract submissions for posters and for talks are encouraged, although the number of talks available is limited in order to keep the meeting to three days.

Register early, as space is limited to no more than 60 participants!ย  There will be a special issue of the journal Planetary and Space Science devoted to the works presented at this meeting.

Abstract Submission Instructions

Programย (coming soon)