AstRoMap: European research roadmap for astrobiology

The AstRoMap project is a Coordination Action supported by the European Commission FP7 that started in October 2012. This project aims at facilitating information exchange and networking among the scientific community involved in astrobiology and related planetary science as well as to mobilize experts towards the definition of research priorities in astrobiology. The AstRoMap website is now online and will be regularly updated with information and news, feel free to send us any relevant announcement (event, conference, jobs.), we’ll be happy to publish them on the website.

The AstRoMap project tackles the issues of:

  • Defining future scientific priorities and recommend research activities in the field of       astrobiology, thereby developing a European research roadmap for astrobiology.
  • Improving the knowledge of the scientific field of astrobiology in Europe and beyond,
  • Providing new networking tools and opportunity.

3 areas of activities:

  • Online Community Consultation
  • Foresight
    4 thematic workshops
    Priorities setting
  • Education and public outreach
    Comprehensive education
    Outreach program

3 Areas of objectives
AstRoMap: The Astrobiology Road Mapping

Community consultation;
– Perform a wide consultation on current and future research perspectives and priorities in astrobiology
– Map the astrobiology and planetary sciences landscape in Europe and beyond.
– Developing modern tools to facilitate networking and exchange of information within the research community

Foresight ; On the basis of the feedbacks from the community consultation and on dedicated surveys, expert workshops will be organised to discuss and reach consensus on research      priorities in the field of astrobiology. Four workshops will be organised, each with a different topic:
– Origin of organic compounds, steps to life
– Physico-chemical boundary conditions for habitability
– Biosignatures as facilitating life detection
– Origin of Solar system

Each workshop will be structured according to the following steps:
1. Definition of the science goals
2. Identification of knowledge gaps – Science and technology
3. Suggested missions/instrumentation and experiments to reach the goals

Education and public outreach : Parallel to the workshop and consultation activities, AstRoMap will provide a comprehensive education and outreach program and disseminate the progress of AstRoMap through its website.

The first step is to register into the database!

Thank you in advance for participating in the AStRoMap activities with the final aim of developing a European research road map for astrobiology.

More information

Contacts: Coordinator – Felipe Gómez, INTA-CAB, Spain, [email protected]