Europlanet-NA1: Observational Infrastructure Networking

By December 31, 2012 the highly successful EuroPlaNet-NA1 Observational Infrastructure Networking came to an end. Within the 4 years of the project NA1 organized and supported 25 workshops within key areas of European Planetology. As a highlight the 7th International Workshop on Planetary, Solar and Heliospheric Radio Emissions (PRE VII), which culminated in a Proceedings Book (577pp) in 2011, has to be mentioned.

Furthermore highlights of NA1 Workshops were the Rosetta Workshop Series held at London, as well as the Workshop on ’EuroPlaNet-RI towards Sustainability’, held at Vienna.

Besides workshop organisation, the main highlight within NA1 was the development of the NA1-Matrix on Ground-based Facilities and Space Missions. This provides the users with interactive links to space-based, as well as to ground-based instrumentation from professional institutions and the amateur community, which have the capability of supporting and complementing space missions. In strong cooperation between IWF-OeAW at Graz, Austria and UCL at London, UK, the continuation of improvement of the NA1-Matrix will also proceed beyond EuroPlaNet FP7.

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Contacts: Manuel Scherf, [email protected]