IMPEx: Integrated Medium for Planetary Exploration – a new research infrastructure for the European space research, inspired by EUROPLANET-RI

The FP7-SPACE project IMPEx was established as a result of scientific collaboration between research teams from Austria, Finland, France, and Russia who begun their cooperation during the EUROPLANET era. Nowadays, the teams work on the integration of a set of interactive data mining, analysis and modeling tools in the field of space plasma and planetary physics. The major goal of IMPEx is to bridge the gap between spacecraft measurements and modern computational models of the planetary near-by space environments, enabling their joint interconnected operation for better understanding of related physical phenomena. The interactive computational framework and integrated research infrastructure being developed in the course of the IMPEx project, is comprised of numerical Hybrid/MHD and analytical Paraboloid-magnetosphere models, as well as of the data mining, visualization, and analysis tools: AMDA, 3DView, and ClWeb

The major challenge of the current phase of IMPEx development consists in the need to connect different types of data sources, including numerical simulation results and observational data, in order to give IMPEx users the possibility to analyze and visualize the respective data by means of interactive web-based project tools. One of the systems’ cornerstones is the specification of a standard for describing the various data products involved (e.g., simulations and observations) within a common standard, e.g. Data Model (DM). The newly developed IMPEx DM extends the known SPASE DM which is already widely used, to describe observational data in space plasma research.
In its goals and development work the project IMPEx continues the spirit of several key EUROPLANET-RI activities, such as IDIS, NA1, NA2 (discipline working groups), and JRA3-EMDAF. The continuity is specifically ensured by the fact that several leading scientists from these activities are now members of the IMPEx core team, or serve in the project consultative boards.

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Contacts: IMPEx core team
Coordinator – M. Khodachenko, IWF-ÖAW, Austria, [email protected], +43 316  41 20 661
Deputy-Coordinator – E. Kallio, FMI, Finland, [email protected], +358 29 539 46 36);
Project Scientist – V. Génot, CNRS/IRAP, France, [email protected], +33 5 61 55 85 54
Project manager – T. Al-Ubaidi, IWF-ÖAW, Austria, [email protected], +43 316 41 20 673