Auroral Planetary Imaging and Spectroscopy (APIS) Service

The APIS service (for Auroral Planetary Imaging and Spectroscopy) was officially opened at the occasion of the Magnetospheres of Outer Planets meeting, Athens, 8-12 July 2013. It is now accessible with the support of the Virtual Observatory of Paris.

It consists of a database of all HST Far-UV spectro-imaging observations of the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus) acquired by the STIS and ACS instruments from 1997 up to now (which makes ~5000 individual images and spectra), declined under various types of high level data (e.g. cylindrical/polar projections).

The data are available in different formats (jpg, pdf, fits) and can be browsed and sorted out with a dedicated search interface.

Interactive tools (Aladin, Specview) also enable the user to directly work on images and spectra online.