Planetary Data System announces DAWN’s Framing Camera Data for VESTA Now Accessible

The Asteroid Subnode of the Planetary Data System is pleased to announce the release of the Dawn missions Framing Camera’s data into the Small Bodies Image Browser (SBIB).

The SBIB tool is designed to provide direct access to the image data maintained at the Small Bodies Asteroid subnode. One can click on the overview map (or click and drag a search box) and do a search for all images that fall within that region. The SBIB will provide a list of images, their footprints on the overview map, and thumbnails that can be either as viewed by the spacecraft or map-projected. Level 1A and 1B are available in IMG (native format), FITS, JPEG, PNG and ISIS cubes (both basic cubes and map projected cubes with coordinates).

The data currently in the system are all of the framing camera images of Vesta from Survey through the 2nd High Altitude Mapping Orbit (HAMO 2). The data have been accepted by the PDS in time for the upcoming Planetary Mission Data Analysis Program deadline.

Questions or comments, contact Dr. Eric Palmer, [email protected]