Planetary Protection Removed From ROSES 2013

When the ROSES-2013 omnibus solicitation was released in February, Appendix C.18, the Planetary Protection Research Program (PPRP) due dates were listed as “TBD.” We regret to inform proposers that PPRP will not be solicited in ROSES-13. The impacts of sequestration in the current fiscal year and lowered future planning budgets don’t leave enough funds to support both existing and future investigations in FY 2014. Appendix C.18 will appear in Tables two and three of ROSES-13 as “Not solicited this year.” Questions concerning Appendix C.18, the Planetary Protection Research Program, may be directed to Cassie Conley at This and all Amendments to ROSES 12 can be found at: where one can also subscribe to a convenient RSS feed.