Sun. 6 Oct. 2013, 4:30-6:00pm. DPS meetings are great places for students to network among other scientists, to learn about how other scientists encounter scientific problems, and get new ideas. However, there are so many great presentations, talks, events, and information in a short time that the students rarely find time to network among other students and get advice close to their own level. This event will help students meet other students, in particular those who work on similar topics, to discuss their scientific views and general issues, and encourages the students to participate in brain storming conversations and joint projects. Since the post-docs were graduate students not so long ago, their advise and experience is valuable to graduate students, and for that reason this event will include post- docs as well. With these grounds, the goal of the student and post-doc reception is to prepare an icebreaker environment for students and post-docs to get familiar with each other on the first day of the meeting and use the rest of the meeting to enhance those connections and get involved with other activities.

Al Khayat
[email protected]