Mars 2020 Announcement of Opportunity Corrections

On September 24, 2013, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Science Mission Directorate (SMD) released an Announcement of Opportunity (AO) entitled Mars 2020 Investigations to solicit proposals for investigations for a space flight mission to Mars, to be launched in July/August 2020.

This AO was corrected on September 27, 2013 to replace duplicated text in Section 2.2. Mars Exploration Program Goal III objectives are now correct. In addition, language in Section 5.4 about the Radioisotope Power System was clarified. The full text of the corrected AO is available electronically at the NASA Solicitation and Proposal Integrated Review and Evaluation System (NSPIRES) website ( Links to the AO and additional information about the intent and the capabilities of the Mars 2020 rover are located at the Mars 2020 Acquisition Website (

A preproposal conference is scheduled for October 8, 2013, via video/teleconference from Washington, DC. Notices of Intent (NOIs) are required and are due October 15, 2013. Proposals are due December 23, 2013. These dates are unchanged.

For questions, please contact:

Dr. Mitchell D. Schulte
Program Scientist, Mars 2020
Planetary Science Division, Science Mission Directorate
Telephone: (202) 358-2127
Fax: (202) 358-3097
E-mail: [email protected]