Expected Amendments to SMD CAN and AO due dates

Given the continuing Government shutdown, we expect to release amendments announcing the delay of proposal due dates next week (week of October 14, 2013). If the Government is still shutdown at the time these amendments are released, the due date will be set to “TBD”. NSPIRES cannot support a “TBD” date, thus the date within the system will arbitrarily be set to 03/31/14 – to be consistent with ROSES “TBD” date changes. The solicitations will be amended again when the Government returns to work to provide the new due date.

Programs under consideration for amendment next week are as follows:

NNH13ZDA017C NASA Astrobiology Institute Cooperative Agreement (NAI CAN) Cycle 7:  Step-1 proposals currently due November 4, 2013.

NNH12ZDA006O-EVI2 Earth Venture Instrument – 2 Announcement of Opportunity (AO): Proposals currently due November 7, 2013.

NNH13ZDA018O Mars 2020 Investigations Announcement of Opportunity (AO): Proposals currently due December 23, 2013.

Decisions on amending ROSES NOI and proposal due dates that are currently set to the end of October and early November will be made at a later date.

During the shutdown NASA personnel will not be available to answer questions, but the NSPIRES help line will be open. When the Government resumes business, questions should be directed to the Points of Contact for each solicitation. Those Points of Contact will be provided in the amendments expected to be released next week.