Call For Imaging Of Candidate Landing Sites For The 2020 Mars Rover

In response to the recent release of the Mars 2020 mission Announcement of Opportunity, we are soliciting imaging targets for candidate landing sites for the Mars 2020 rover mission. Candidate landing sites should be proposed based on their potential to satisfy the objectives of the 2020 mission as detailed in the recent mission Science Definition Team (SDT) report (Mustard et al., 2013). This call relates to targets for new candidate landing sites as well as additional targets for candidate landing sites proposed to prior calls. Targets for sites satisfying the requirements will be provided to the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) and Odyssey missions for imaging.

Persons wishing to propose a candidate site should complete the abstract template found on the website below, which provides further details on the science objectives of the 2020 mission, engineering constraints on landing sites, possible enhancements to EDL, planetary protection constraints, and the information needed to identify a landing site and define the requested images.

Candidate landing sites should be submitted to both Matt Golombek ([email protected]) and John Grant ([email protected]) by November 15, 2013.

For details see: