Venus Technology Forum at VEXAG Meeting #11 – Tuesday, November 19th

Venus Technology Forum at VEXAG Meeting #11 – Tuesday, November 19

NASA Headquarters – 300 E St. SW, Washington DC 20546
James Webb Auditorium (Ground Floor, West Entrance)

The goal of the Forum is to present a coherent picture of where specific technologies useful to potential Venus Missions currently stand and to provide where they could be in 5 – 10 years. Presenters will provide information that will allow the Venus community to make decisions on what is possible now and in the future. These technology evaluations and subsequent discussions will allow the Venus community to be better educated when discussing the VEXAGs Venus Exploration Goals, Objectives and Investigations and Roadmap documents the following day at the VEXAG meeting. A draft of a Venus Exploration Technology Plan will be presented.

The following questions will be addressed:
โ€ข What science opportunities for both near-term ( 10 years) missions are enabled by existing technologies? How are these science opportunities limited by existing technology?
โ€ข What science goals are or should be driving technology development? What technology synergies and crosscutting technologies have the potential for changing the way Venus science is accomplish?
โ€ข How should we prioritize technology development?
โ€ข What gaps (if any) in the technology developments are due to the lack of communication between scientists and technologists, hampering the achievement of science goals?
โ€ข Are there gaps in funding for Venus-related instruments and technology developments?

Instrument posters are encouraged for an evening session.