SALMON-2 AO Amendment 7: EVI-2 proposal due date changed to November 25, 2013

Earth Venture Instrument-2 is an element within the Earth System Science Pathfinder (ESSP) Program that conducts Principal Investigator (PI)-led Earth science investigations relevant to SMD’s Earth Science Division. This solicitation calls for proposals for complete PI-led science investigations requiring spaceflight instrument development. When deployed on a satellite selected by NASA, these spaceflight instruments will be used to conduct innovative, integrated, hypothesis- or scientific question-driven investigations addressing pressing Earth system science issues. This solicitation solicits investigations addressing any of the science focus areas in NASAโ€™s Earth Science program.

On or about October 21, 2013, this Amendment to the SALMON-2 AO will be posted on the NASA research opportunity homepage at and at

Due to the recent Government shutdown, the proposal due date is changed from โ€œTBDโ€ to November 25, 2013. During the shutdown, the due date was changed from the original date of November 7, 2013 to โ€œTBDโ€.ย ย  The full text of the AO and all appendices are available electronically at and at

Direct questions specifically regarding this solicitation to: Dr. Kenneth Jucks, EVI-2 Program Scientist, Earth Science Division, Science Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC 20546; Tel.: (202) 358-0476; E-mail: [email protected] (subject line to read “EVI-2 AO”).