Annual Call for Nominations for NASA science advisory subcommittees

NASA invites nominations for service on NASA science advisory subcommittees of the NASA Advisory Council. U.S. citizens may nominate individuals and also submit self-nominations for consideration as potential members of NASA’s science advisory subcommittees. NASA’s science advisory subcommittees have member vacancies from time to time throughout the year, and NASA will consider nominations and self-nominations to fill such intermittent vacancies. NASA is committed to selecting members to serve on its science advisory subcommittees based on their individual expertise, knowledge, experience, and current/past contributions to the relevant subject area.

The following qualifications/experience are highly desirable in nominees, and should be clearly presented in their nomination letters:

At least 10 years post-Ph.D. research experience including publications in the scientific field of the subcommittee they are nominated for, or comparable experience;

  • Leadership in scientific and/or education and public outreach fields as evidenced by award of prizes, invitation to national and international meetings as speaker, organizer of scientific meetings/workshops, or comparable experience;
  • Participation in NASA programs either as member of NASA mission science team, Research & Analysis program, membership on an advisory/working group or a review panel, or comparable experience;
  • Good knowledge of NASA programs in the scientific field of the subcommittee they are applying for, including the latest NASA Science Plan (available as a link from, or comparable experience; and,
  • Knowledge of the latest Decadal Survey conducted by the National Research Council or other relevant advisory reports for the scientific field of the subcommittee.

These are not full-time positions. Successful nominees will be required to attend meetings of the subcommittee approximately two or three times a year, either in person (NASA covers travel-related expenses for this non-compensated appointment) or via telecom and/or virtual meeting medium.

DATES: The deadline for NASA receipt of all public nominations is November 22, 2013.

ADDRESSES: Nomination and self-nomination packages from interested U.S. citizens must be signed and must include the name of the specific NASA science advisory subcommittee of interest; nominations and self-nomination packages are limited to specifying interest in only one NASA science advisory subcommittee per year. The following information is required to be included as part of each nomination and self-nomination package: (1) a cover letter (with the name of the specific NASA science advisory subcommittee of interest); (2) a professional resume (one-page maximum); and, (3) a professional biography (one-page maximum). All public nomination packages must be submitted electronically via attachments to a single email to one of the following addresses:

Astrophysics Subcommittee (APS) — [email protected]
Earth Science Subcommittee (ESS) — [email protected]
Subcommittee (HPS) — [email protected]
Protection Subcommittee (PPS) — [email protected]
Science Subcommittee (PSS) — [email protected]

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: To obtain further information on NASA’s science advisory subcommittees, please visit the NAC Science Committee’s subcommittee Web site at