We are pleased to announce the final list of chapters and lead authors defined for the book ASTEROIDS IV, a new volume in the Space Science Series. We first want to thank the community for its enthusiastic response to the call for chapters, which resulted in the submission of over 150 proposals. Given that we are limited to only about 40 chapters, the editors and scientific organizing committee were faced with the challenge of defining a broad set of topics that most represents the advances of the past decade. The list of chapters can be accessed here:

The community has grown significantly in size over the past decade and we regret that a larger portion of the community cannot directly participate in the writing, but the advances each of you have made will be included. Some of you will be able to participate as chapter referees later on in the process. We thank the whole community again for your input and support, as well as the SOC, for having helped us to define a great set of chapters, and we thank in advance the lead authors and their co-authors for the efforts they will do to write great chapters that will serve as references for at least the next decade.

Best regards,
Patrick Michel

On behalf of ASTEROIDS IV Editors
(P. Michel, F. DeMeo, W.F. Bottke)