International Conference “Cosmic Dust VII”

August 4 – 8, 2014
Umeda Satellite Campus of Osaka Sangyo University, Osaka, JAPAN

This series of Cosmic Dust meetings aims finding a consensus among experts on the formation and evolution of cosmic dust: where it comes from and where it goes. The primary objectives are to bring together professionals who deal with cosmic dust and to provide an opportunity for participants to develop human relations and interactions. The meeting considers all kinds of cosmic dust: intergalactic, interstellar, protoplanetary, debris disk, cometary, interplanetary and circumplanetary dust, planetary aerosols, regolith, micrometeorites, meteors and meteoroids, presolar grains and stellar nebular condensates. The meeting is open for any aspects of dustย  research by means of in-situ and laboratory measurements, astronomical observations, laboratory and numerical analogue simulations, theoretical modeling, data analysis, etc. Any dust-related topics, (e.g., formation of molecules and their reactions on and desorption from the surface of dust particles) are also welcome. Publishing the proceedings of this meeting will be as a special issue of a peer-reviewed journal.
Deadline for Admissions Application is May 13, 2014

For online registration and more details go to the meeting website: