Call for Participation – Training Opportunity

Photogrammetric Processing of Planetary Stereo Imagery using ISIS and SOCET SET®
December 17-19, 2013

The Planetary Photogrammetry Guest Facility at the Astrogeology Science Center of the U.S. Geological Survey would like to announce a new Call for Participation for a training opportunity on December 17-19, 2013, on Photogrammetric Processing of Planetary Stereo Imagery using ISIS and SOCET SET®. The training is free to participants, and will cover end-to-end, hands-on photogrammetric procedures for surface extraction from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter HiRISE image pairs. The topics include:

•An introduction to photogrammetric procedures and surface generation techniques;
•Overview of HiRISE imagery; and
•Workflow and data exchange between ISIS and SOCET SET.

The hands-on training will include ISIS preprocessing, SOCET SET import of image and reference data, orientation procedures, triangulation and bundle adjustment, manual and automated surface extraction of digital terrain models (DTM), editing, and data export.

If you are interested in participating in this opportunity, please send an email to Dr. Raad Saleh ([email protected]) with the following specific information: your name, title, affiliation, address, full contact information, and a short statement describing your interest in the training. Please note that seating for this session is very limited, so please express your interest as soon as possible.

Please note the following:

  1. Training will be 3 days, from Tuesday through Thursday, December 17-19, 2013.
  2. The training will be based exclusively on a standard set of HiRISE stereo images.
  3. ISIS, SOCET SET and the Guest Facility support the use of images from several planetary cameras in addition to HiRISE. While this hands-on training will be based on HiRISE images, it would be our pleasure to advise participants on the suitability of other planetary cameras for their research projects. Furthermore, we can provide one-on-one support to producing DTMs at later days.
  4. The Guest Facility has a single workstation available year-round for users who need to generate their own products. If you would like to stay longer (after this training) or come at a later date to generate your own products using the Guest Facility, please let us know the kind of images you would be using and how many DTMs you hope to produce so that we can schedule your visit accordingly.
  5. For more information about the Guest Facility, and for Frequently Asked Questions, please visit: Go to Downloads at the bottom of the page and follow the link “Planetary Photogrammetry Guest Facility FAQ”.
  6. If you are interested in ISIS training, please see:

With your participation, we look forward to realizing another successful and productive training session. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions or require further information.

Thank you.

Contact: Dr. Raad Saleh, Training Coordinator, The Planetary Photogrammetry Guest Facility
Email: [email protected]