AGU Special Session P018: Mercury After Two Years of MESSENGER Orbital Observations

We invite you to attend the special session on Mercury at the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting on December 9.

The session includes two sets of oral presentations, featuring papers on Mercury’s geological and atmospheric/magnetospheric characteristics, from 08:00-10:00 (2022, Moscone West) and 10:20-12:20 (2005, Moscone West), respectively, and a poster session from 13:40-18:00 in Halls A-C.

After two full years of orbital observations of Mercury, NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft began its Second Extended Mission in March. The Second Extended Mission is addressing Mercury’s surprising volatile inventory, exploring newly revealed aspects of the planet’s geological evolution, and witnessing the dynamic response of Mercury’s exosphere and magnetosphere to the peak and early waning phases of solar activity. This session will highlight the latest results on Mercury from MESSENGER orbital observations and welcomes contributed papers on future mission opportunities, complementary ground-based observations, laboratory measurements, and theoretical developments relevant to planetary processes at Mercury.

Invited authors:
Daniel Gershman (University of Michigan)
Suzanne Imber (University of Leicester)
Sebastiano Padovan (UCLA)

Paul Byrne (Carnegie Institution of Washington)
Sean Solomon (Columbia University)
Larry Nittler (Carnegie Institution of Washington)