MEPAG Community Responses to R&A Reorganization

At the November 5 telecon of the Planetary Science Subcommittee, Jonathan Rall presented plans for a large reorganization of NASA’s R&A program. His presentation, included in Jim Green’s presentation, starting with slide 41, is posted at:

Additional discussion occurred at the virtual town hall on December 3.

MEPAG compiled questions, comments, and concerns from the science community and sent a compilation report to the PSS and Jim Green, found at:

The MEPAG leadership strongly recommended that the NASA Planetary Science Division seek and consider more community input, and provide the information needed to answer the many questions raised by the community. Most concerns reflected the lack of information regarding key aspects of the reorganization, such as mapping of the present research areas into the new ones, the fate of theme cross-cutting activities, budgets, and the transition plan with its possible impacts on the continuity of funding.

As we learn more, we will update the MEPAG community. If you have further comments or questions on this topic or about the compilation report, please direct them to Dr. Serina Diniega, who has been asked to collect information on the behalf of MEPAG.

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