Planetary Chemistry Theme at Goldschmidt 2014 Meeting

Planetary Chemistry is a focus of the Californian Goldschmidt 2014 meeting with the following special sessions and conveners:

The abstract deadline is on February 8th, 2014 at 23:59 (GMT).

Theme 2 Planetary Chemistry:

02a: Building Blocks of the Planets
Stein Jacobsen, Rasmus Andreasen, Thorsten Kleine, Frederic Moynier
02b: Processes and Timescales of Planetary Differentiation
Audrey Bouvier, Paul Warren, Francis Nimmo
02c: Compositions of the Interiors of the Terrestrial Planets – Causes
and Consequences
James Day, Radjeep Dasgupta
02d: Chemistry of Planetary Atmospheres
Bruce Fegley, Channon Visscher
02e: Oxidation State of the Planets
Jessica Warren, Katherine Kelley, Fred Davis
02f: Crust Formation on Extra-Terrestrial Bodies and its Importance for
Planetary Chemistry
Yang Liu, Larry Nittler, Carol Raymond
02g: Lunar Minerals, a Window into the Origin and Evolution of the Moon
Alberto Saal, Francis McCubbin

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