2014 YSS Undergraduate Research Conference Meeting Mentors

The Lunar and Planetary Institute is looking for Meeting Mentors for the 2014 YSS Undergraduate Research Conference at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC). We anticipate close to 40 undergraduates participating this year so we are looking for many good mentors!

Do you remember your first scientific meeting? All of those people, everyone seems to know everyone else, and how do you decide which talks to attend? Undergraduate students are coming to LPSC to present some of their first scientific work as part of the YSS Undergraduate Research Conference on Sunday, March 16. As part of this experience, the students are encouraged to attend LPSC. We are offering these students the opportunity to be paired with a scientist during the Monday morning session of LPSC. The goal of having a Meeting Mentor is to have someone that the student can ‘shadow’ through the morning session – listening to talks, seeing how scientists interact during breaks, networking, etc. I would like to invite you to become a Meeting Mentor for a student at LPSC, for the morning of Monday, March 17th. The responsibilities would include:

* Meeting your student at 8:00 a.m. at the Convention Center and spending 10-15 minutes to get to know each other

* Attending the morning sessions with the student, talking about the sessions, and introducing them to colleagues at the coffee break

* Encouraging the student to attend the Masursky Lecture and Dwornik Award Presentations at 1:30 p.m.

Evaluation results from the past three years show us that students appreciate the time mentors spend with them and that the experience is highly valuable to them. Your official “Mentor” duties would be completed by the close of the morning session. Any time beyond that is not expected, but can be beneficial to students.

If you can find the time to participate in the program this year, please contact Andy Shaner at [email protected].

Please identify your area of expertise:

[ ] Planetary geology
[ ] Planetary atmospheres
[ ] Solar system formation
[ ] Terrestrial planets
[ ] Jovian planets
[ ] Moons
[ ] Astrobiology
[ ] Lunar science
[ ] Extrasolar planets
[ ] Asteroids and comets
[ ] No Preference

Once we know that we have enough Mentors, you will be given a virtual introduction to your student before the meeting and more information as we get closer.

Thank you for considering participating in this important program!

Andrew Shaner
Education and Public Outreach Specialist
USRA – Lunar and Planetary Institute
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