New research group starting Jan 2015 – Opportunities

Research will be directed towards understanding the processes that sustain habitable planets. Areas of particular interest are:

Early Mars – geologic proxies for paleoclimate (geology, stratigraphy, paleohydrology, geomorphology), climate modeling; rocky exoplanets; and Europa and Enceladus.

Funding has been secured to hire a planetary GIS / data specialist, one or more postdocs, and graduate students. For more information, please email Edwin Kite (PI), [email protected].

More details about the planetary GIS / data specialist position are posted at:

(Requisition Number: 094770)
Prospective graduate students should apply through the Department of Geophysical Sciences at the University of Chicago.

Existing planetary science research at the University of Chicago includes the Abbot group (climate theory), the Bean group (exoplanet observations), the Campbell group (planetary interiors), the Ciesla group (formation and early evolution of planetary systems), the
Dauphas group (origins/cosmochemistry), the Davis group (stardust), the Fabrycky group (orbital dynamics, planet formation and dynamical evolution), the Grossman group (cosmochemistry), the Konigl group (exoplanets), and the Pierrehumbert group (physics of planetary climate).

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