Upcoming Planetary Science Short Courses

Dear colleagues, students, and professionals,

The Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration http://cpsx.uwo.ca) and the NSERC CREATE program “Technologies and Techniques for Earth and Space Exploration” (http://create.uwo.ca) are pleased to announce two upcoming short courses:

Remote Sensing and GIS for Earth and Planetary Science:
This course will run June 14-20 2014. The main objective of this course is to provide a strong technical and conceptual grounding in remote sensing data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis with both terrestrial and planetary applications. Course website: http://cpsx.uwo.ca/study/study-1/graduate-courses/2014-remote-sensing-and-gis-short-course

Planetary Science Short Course:
The next annual Planetary Science Short Course will run September 1-7, 2014. Topics to be covered include origin of the solar system and planet formation; planetary interiors; planetary surfaces; astromaterials, planetary atmospheres; astrobiology, and exoplanets.

Course website:

Both these courses will run at the University of Western Ontario, London, ON, and are suitable for graduate students, advanced undergraduate students and professionals from industry and government. Students from Ontario and some Canadian provinces can take theses course for credit and details as to how to do this are provided on respective websites.

Questions? Please contact cpsx@uwo.ca