Workshop on Volatiles in the Martian Interior: First Announcement Available

Volatiles in the Martian InteriorThe Workshop on Volatiles in the Martian Interior will be held November 3–5, 2014, at the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI), located in the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) building, 3600 Bay Area Boulevard, Houston TX 77058.

Since the Workshop on Water in Planetary Basalts in 2007, there has been extensive research conducted on volatiles (H2O, CO2, O2, S, Cl, F, and noble gases) in the martian interior and martian basalts. This new workshop will gather together researchers working on volatiles in the martian interior to discuss the latest developments in the field, where data are lacking, and which observations, instruments, or experiments are needed to make progress on understanding the origin, roles, and evolution of volatiles in the interior of Mars. Reports on data from meteorites, remote sensing, laboratory experimental investigations, in situ surface investigations, astrobiological implications, and geophysical/geochemical modeling are all applicable for inclusion in this workshop.

The first announcement is now available on the conference website:

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