Hayabusa 2014: 2nd Symposium of Solar System Materials [1st circular]

We announce the first circular of “Hayabusa 2014:

2nd Symposium of Solar System Materials” hosted by JAXA, as the one held in last Oct.

As detailed in the following, this symposium will cover a wide range of scientific fields related to asteroids, however, we will especially focus on spectroscopy of asteroids in this year.

From this year, we arrange a date of our symposium with that of Antarctic Meteorite session of Polar Science Symposium held in NIPR, Tokyo, Japan, to be held just after the session.

We welcome anyone who is interested in these topics to come and join our symposium!

Date: 4-5 Dec. 2014
Venue: Conference hall in 2F of the building A,
Sagamihara campus of JAXA, 3-1-1 Yoshonodai, Chuo-ku,
Sagamihra, Kanagawa 252-5210, JAPAN.

Registration fee: free (reception fee is not included)

Main topics:

~ Results from Hayabusa sample analysis
~ New insights from solar system material analysis
~ Spectroscopy and planetary surface processes
~ Perspectives of solar system evolution by theoretical, observational and experimental studies
~ Technique and methodology of sample analysis
~ Other related studies

Important data:

Call for abstract (2nd circular) ~  15 Jul. 2014
Abstract submission due          ~  30 Sep. 2014
Meeting period                   ~ 4-5 Dec. 2014
Proceedings due                  ~  28 Feb. 2015


Masaki Fujimoto (ISAS/JAXA, chair)
Richard P. Binzel (MIT)
Harold C. Connolly Jr. (CUNY)
Hideyasu Kojima (NIPR)
Hideaki Miyamoto (Univ. Tokyo)


Staff of the Extraterrestrial Sample Curation Team

Symposium website: http://hayabusaao.isas.jaxa.jp/symposium/

Corresponding E-mail address: [email protected]


LOC of Hayabusa 2014 Symposium