Annual Meeting of the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group— First Announcement Available Now!

LEAG2014The 2014 Annual Meeting of the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group will be held October 22–24, 2014, at the John Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, Maryland.

Data from the recent suite of robotic missions to the Moon and analysis of lunar samples has shown that the Moon has an incredibly dynamic volatile system that is just beginning to be understood.

The focus for this year’s meeting is the topic of lunar volatiles — which species are present, their abundance on the surface and interior, their sources and formation processes, their mobility and temporary storage on the surface, and their ultimate fate (be it loss from the lunar environment or “permanent” sequestration in surface reservoirs). The presence of volatiles in and on the Moon has important implications for in situ resource utilization applications in support of extended human stays on the lunar surface and feed-forward to sending humans to Mars and beyond.

The first announcement is now available on the conference website:

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