To increase the pool of un-conflicted reviewers the Planetary Science Division is seeking subject matter experts to serve as mail-in reviewers of proposals and/or in-person reviewers to engage in discussions at a face-to-face panel meeting. New researchers (including post-doctoral fellows) are welcome to apply as they provide fresh insight from people close to the most current research. Go to the link below to the volunteer review forms and indicate the fields in which you consider yourself to be a subject matter expert and click the boxes. If your skills match our needs for this review NASA will contact you to discuss scheduling. We are currently seeking reviewers for:

ROSES 2014 C.13 Maturation of Instruments for Solar System Exploration
ROSES 2014 E.3 The Exoplanet Research Program
ROSES 2014 C.2 Emerging Worlds
ROSES 2014 C.6 Solar System Observations
ROSES 2014 C.3 Solar System Workings
ROSES 2014 C.10 Cassini Data Analysis and Participating Scientist Program
ROSES 2014 C.11 Discovery Data Analysis

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